ROOST Remodeling

\ roost \ :

verb 1 : to settle oneself
noun 1 : a place for sitting, resting, or lodging

At ROOST Remodeling, that’s exactly what we do. We transform your home into something you truly feel settled into. A comfortable, efficient, beautiful space for you to sit, rest, and stay.


ROOST Remodeling

People choose ROOST Remodeling Company because it’s founder, Amy Hunter, has earned a great reputation as a relatable and thorough resource for remodeling projects.

A large part of what separates ROOST from the competition is Amy’s female perspective. As the hand on owner and on site project manager, Amy has earned a solid track record for delivering quality work. Moreover, clients regularly make referrals and endorsements for the firm, which is the best testament to the outstanding service the company provides.

Meet our team

We have a team of skilled, licensed tradesmen who commit themselves to quality and efficiency to get your job done right and on schedule.

Our Services

Space planning and city permitting

Interior design and engineering
Floor plans, cabinet designs, full plans sets with engineering required for city approvals, city permitting
Priced per project

Knock those walls down! (and put them back up)

Complete remodeling and renovating
Demolition, plumbing, electricial, HVAC, sheetrock, tile, cabinetry, paint
Priced per project

It’s ALL in the details

Interior decorating
Tile and fixture selection, paint colors, finishings and furniture, etc.

ROOST Remodeling company

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Operating Hours

MonFri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm